Monday, February 25, 2008

Let's take a DREAM CRUISE!

Does anyone want to join me on a JOYBREAK?
It never stops snowing in Illinois! I say all this snow is for the penquins!
We are going on a "Dream Cruise"!
It's Free & It's Fun
This is what you need:
  • Comfy clothes (sweat pants, pj's....hey....shave your legs and put on your bikini)
  • Your favorite drink in a wine glass (nothin' like water in a wine glass)
  • Invite your friends or have some quiet time alone
  • A variety of old magazines
  • Scissors, glue & one sheet of poster board (or use a file folder)

All set? Here we go....

Take a deep breath. Exhale.

For the next minute or so forget about bills to need paid, the full laundry basket, tonight's meal plan.

Close your eyes and relax on your DREAM CRUISE. Hey, think BIG! Get out of the rubber raft and get aboard the largest ship of it's kind.

DREAM BIG. Money is no object.

What Does Your DREAM Look Like?

No dream is too big .... God is BIG!

  • Where would you like to live or travel?
  • What is your hearts desire?
  • Is there a ministry you'd like to start or support?
  • What and who is important to you?
  • What brings you joy or brings others joy?
  • How would you like God to use limits now!

Now let's have some fun....

  1. Thumb through the magazines and cut out those dreams.
  2. What pictures or words represent that BIG DREAM for God?
  3. Paste those dreams, like a collage, on the poster board. BE CREATIVE!

Here is the best part! It may be the hardest but it is the most important part.

  • Share your dream with someone else. Ask your spouse, children or friend if you can show them pictures of your "Dream Cruise"
  • Post it on your refrigerator or somewhere you will see it often.
  • Believe and Receive those God Size Dreams by thanking Him in advance for caring about your dreams!

May I share my dreams with you? God has no limits so don't be shocked!

The picture of my dreams:

  • Celebration! ....I want to celebrate each day lifting my hands to my God and praising Him!
  • Man & Woman holding each other.....fall deeper in love with my husband.
  • Fresh Flowers.....I'd like to have fresh flowers in my home every day and give flowers to others.
  • Israel....I'd like to go on a Christian tour of Israel
  • Sail boat...I'd like a vacation.... on a beach a boat....for a long time.
  • My favorite $100,000......I'd like $100,000 to give away to help someone else.

That's some of the pictures of my DREAM CRUISE!

What do your pictures look like? Share them on this blog!

I care about your dreams too. We can thank God together believing He can do more than we can imagine.

"Thank you for traveling "Dream Cruise Lines" where we Dream Big for God. We hope you enjoyed your stay with us. Come back soon!"

Saturday, February 9, 2008

What do you want to be when you grow up?
What dream sends a stirring up your spine just at the very thought of it?
What dream shattered so you walked away yet still look back at the pieces and.... dream?

I think dreams come together like puzzle pieces. Our experiences, relationships, success, failure and faith are all pieces to the puzzle. God has the box top. In His time it all comes together. It's important to be available and willing to do my part as God directs.

Last year I asked myself, "What am I doing to prepare for success?"


My dream is being a writer. Okay, I write, create and have a few articles published. Those are all pieces of the puzzle.

Hitting financial road blocks, taking detours of my time and sinking in depression potholes make me feel like I'm not getting anywhere. But they are just pieces of the puzzle. Remember, God has the box top.

Last year God opened the door for me to attend a local Christian Writer's Conference . When I think about being a writer I get that stirring inside I asked YOU about. Through the whole conference I thought I was dreaming. It really felt like I was taking a step towards success.

Think about your dream as I close with comments from author Jim Watkins.

  1. Dream is received: develope a mission statement, write it down and set goals.
  2. Dream is refined: God doesn't take dreams away, He refines them. It's a process.
  3. Dream is resized: Our dreams are too small! Broken dreams are either fertilizer for something better or God gives it germination...we win either way.
  4. Dream is revealed: One note from someone may not seem like much. But to every one note multiply it by 1000 and that is the impact you really make. God doesn't always allow us to see how we impact others.

Ask God for a dream that won't work unless He is in it.

You have a dream purposed just for you by a very creative God. Dream Big!


"For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good

and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." (Jeremiah 29:11)

LOOK TO THE BOTTOM your answer to the 'dream question'

Friday, February 8, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

This is a whole new experience - blogging.... but I'm up for an adventure!

I'm in the middle of reaching a dream God has placed in my heart.
Believe me, it would have been easier to give up but I am not going to quit now.

What is your dream?
Have you taken the first step or are you weary having traveled a long road...
but you can still see it out in the distance.


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Stay tuned...more to come!

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Be Blessed!
Lori B.