Friday, May 8, 2009

Snacktime. One glass of cold milk to share. Two Double Stuf Oreos. One for my grandson and one for me. At 20 months, he knew what part to eat first - the middle!
Did someone teach him that or is it just natural to go for the good stuff first?
My attempt to teach him how to eat an Oreo slowly, didn't work. He wanted the good stuff now and wanted it all all over his face! With a chocolate cookie in each hand, he strutted to the waste basket and threw the rest of the cookie away. All done.

I think that describes... me. I go for the good Stuf in life first, want it all, want it now. And when I get it, do I even slow down to enjoy it? What about the other part, the not so appealing part? Do I just waste it?

What is the good, fluffy Stuf in life anyway?
A beautiful spring day (I'm too busy to enjoy).
A long hug from my husband (I cut short because clothes need folded).
A favor for a friend....(that took more time than I wanted to give).

Looks like I need to slow down. Enjoy the good moments! Make them last longer.
What about the rest...the hard part that just isn't as good without the creamy middle.
More month than money.
Rebellious children.
Everything breaking once.

That's the hard stuff. We wish we could throw it away and not deal with it, but the truth's part of the whole package.
God uses the hard part of life to make the double portion of good STUF taste even better.

When snack time rolls around again, I'm going to eat the outside of my Oreo first and take time to enjoy the good Stuf. Wanna stop by for milk and cookies?

Taste and see that the Lord is good....Psalm 34:8 NIV