Monday, June 22, 2009

Don't Give Up

The door didn't open. One step at a time, I sensed God's leading toward an amazing ministry opportunity. Okay, it seemed impossible but with God all things are possible, right? “My qualifications and experience didn't fit” they said through the closed door. Well, if Moses applied for the job to lead Israelites out of Egypt, his qualifications and experience didn't fit either. But God lead and equipped Moses along the way. I believed God's leading took me to the door so my expectation was to walk through the door. The door didn't open.

Immediately, I felt the sting of fiery doubt, disappointment, defeat and discontentment darts.
I wanted to give up. Just quit. This faith-race is too hard.
Have you been there, done that?

If it wasn't for parakletos, I would have thrown in the towel. Para-what? A couple energy drinks? No, parakletos is a person. The One who comes along side during the last miles of the marathon and sets pace. He cheers his friend and warns him about dangers in the road. He reminds the runner of the finish line. Parakletos means “one called alongside to help.” Jesus sends the “Comforter” (parakletos) to guide us (John 16:12-13 NIV) during our faith-race. The Comforter eased my grief and gave me hope.

Faith makes things possible....not easy

My Comforter reminded me of all the blessings on the journey and those yet unseen. I did not let that closed door rob me of victory that is mine or steal joy along the journey.

Karen Whiting offers added refreshment in her latest article, Multiple Streams of Contentment. Read and rest. Don't give up.

Article link: Multiple Streams of Contentment by Karen Whiting


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What language do you speak...check out the video!

How many languages do you speak? I speak two fluently and one kinda-sorta.
My English is the goodest :)
The other language I speak fluently is Christianeze.

When I realized I was a sinner, I confessed my sins and was born again, Jesus Christ became my Savior. I have a burden for other sinners and pray they repent and receive salvation to live eternally with Jesus.
TRANSLATION: I needed rescued and Jesus Christ was my Rescuer. Anyone who has ever done anything wrong, like me, needs rescued too. Just talk to God, tell him you are sorry and He will forgive you and give you life forever with Him.

While I am so grateful for a changed life, it wasn't those who talked Christianeze that helped me see the was all God!

This brief video below is funny but true! Check it out...

SundaySchoolThoughts: A Salute to Mr. Christianeze Speaking Person

Asta la vista!