Monday, October 19, 2009

My Vacation to No Where - 3rd Day

My FaceBook friends have been posting pics of their trips to Disney, Europe, Las Vegas. I decided a wanted a vacation too. This week I am on vacation.
The third one in 30 years! This is a picture outside my house. What a beautiful time of year for a vacation.

I am on a vacation to no where to do nothing.
Sounds good to me! Some people may even be jealous- SORRY!

This is my third day of spending as much time as I want in God's Word...I'm lovin' that!
He reminded me "Be still and know that I am God..."Psalm 46:10
Then, I put on a bright yellow sweatshirt that says Sannibel Island. A great buy at Salvation Army. It makes me feel warm all over - literally!

Those who vacation know housecleaning comes in while you are lounging by the pool. I don't know where Rick found this housekeeper but she is wonderful.
I'm sure she thinks our family lives like they depend on the maid to clean things up. But in less than an hour, the house was transformed like we are expecting company. I do hope someone stops by. I'm going to pay her $30 for all she did!

With my $30 I'm planning a shopping trip this week! I'm so excited.

Then I did something out of the ordinary. one was watching, so what?
I did the chicken dance.

What do you do when know one is watching on your vacations to no where?

Now, the rest of the day is blogging, answering emails and writing. I'm not writing my book like I had's something bigger and better. Actually, quite unbelievable. It won't even work unless God is in it.

...I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world -Psalm 46:10

Talk tomorrow!