Friday, June 11, 2010

Power Failure

Running the washer, dryer and hair dryer at the same time blows a fuse at our house. I run to the basement, in the dark because basement lights are on that circuit too, and flip the breaker switch. When power fails, everything comes to a halt!

What is your power source....job, family, church? When that power fails, does your world stop? Do you feel like you are left in the dark and are afraid of the next step?

I was recently reminded from a man named Nehemiah where to find the real power source - one that won't fail.

Nehemiah (2:2) went to the king. Right away the king noticed Nehemiah was depressed. The king called it 'sadness of heart.' Nehemiah became afraid because to be sad in front of the king was not allowed!

With respect, Nehemiah decided to be honest with his pain and talk to the king. The king asked "What do you want?" In a heartbeat, Nehemiah did three things:
  • He trusted God
  • He obeyed God
  • He asked for wisdom from God
Then Nehemiah asked the king to go and rebuild the city. He also asked for everything he needed to do the job. Everything he needed to fulfill the dream. Verse 8:
"And because the gracious hand of my God was upon me, the king granted my request."

Do you have an unfulfilled dream? Have you acknowledged God as your Power Source and Giver of Gifts? Replace your fear and 'sadness of heart' through  trusting God, obedience and wisdom.

May his gracious hand be upon you and grant your request!